Jar Refill Program

We truly try to fulfill our mission of being eco-friendly by offering our customers the opportunity to have their jars refilled at a discounted price. For our local customers we have always offered jar refill as one of perks of buying our candles, just recently we added this offer to our online customers as well.


  •  For our local customers you can bring your jar into our shop during our hours on Saturday or you can make an appointment during the week, by txting 765-667-4288 or just PM me at Hopping Creations Candle Co. 
  • Our discount price is $5.00 off the original price so we are just charging you for the wax, wick, and fragrance. Just make sure your jar is in good condition and not cracked or broken and has the lid.
  • You don't have to keep the same fragrance you may choose another scent. 
  • Our local customers will be notified when to pick up their candle. 
  • For our online customers mail your jar with lid and don't forget to include your email information, so we are able to email your discount code. 
  • How it will work for our online customers will be the following:  mail us your jar, lid, and email address,  and once we receive your jar and email info we will email you a discount code towards your online purchase. 
  • For our online customers you will get a $5.00 discount on your online purchase.