Tips on How to Melt Out Your Used Candle Jars

Tip 1: Using a Wax Warmer 

* Make sure your warmer is meant to warm wickless candles or jar candles. 

* Place jar candle on warmer and allow the wax to melt fully. 

* Once the wax is melted pour the melted wax in a trash can and never down a sink. 

* Lastly, wipe jar with paper towel and then go over with rubbing alcohol. 


Tip 2: Use a Double Boiler Method

* Using a large soup pan and a smaller pan you can use these pans similar to a double boiler. 

* Place water in the larger pan just enough to allow for the second pan to float. 

* Place candle in the second pan and heat allowing for the water to boil and melt the wax.

* Once the wax is melted pour out wax in trash and wipe out with paper towel.

* Go over jar with rubbing alcohol getting out any leftover wax residue. 


Tip 3: The Oven Method

* First Preheat oven 180 to 200 degrees

* Line baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper to prevent wax from getting on the baking sheet. 

* Place candles upside down on baking sheet and place in the oven for about 15 minutes or until fully melted. This method is perfect if needing to melt more than one candle.


Tip 4: Using Heat Gun 

* A Heat Gun can be found in most Home Depot or home dyi stores. 

* Be careful when using Heat Guns get much hotter than hair dryers. 

* When using keep heat gun at least 3 inches away from candle when melting wax.

* Once wax is melted pour out wax into trash and wipe out and follow up with rubbing alcohol. 



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