Four Tips On How To Store Your Candles

Whether you are storing your candles away to make way for a new season or just making more room in your home, there are four wonderful tips on how to properly store your candles so you can get most from them. 

1. Trim your wicks prior to storing them away will allow you the next time you bring your candles  out from the closet all you have to do is just light them. Always  trim your cotton wicks 1/4 inch and Wooden Wicks 1/8 of an inch and you should have a perfect burn each time. 

2 Always cover your candles with a lid or plastic cover to prevent dust from settling on top and  to keep the fragrance from dissapating over time. For pillar candles wrap them in plastic or ziplock bag. 

3. Always store your candles out of direct sunlight or excessive UV lights to prevent discoloration. Although, candles that contain fragrance oils with Vanillin or some cinnamon oils are more likely to discolor. Discoloration dose not change how your candle performs it just changes the aesthetics.

4. When choosing a place to store your candles pick an area that is dark and cool and away from excessive light and heat. Never store your candles in the freezer or the refrigerator because your wax or jar may crack. 

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