DIY Campfire Starters

Creating DIY campfire starters can be an easy way to use up leftover wax from your candles and melts. With just a few materials you can find around your home you can make a useful tool for your next bonfire, and create a lovely creative gift for fathers day or gifts for him. 


*Paper Muffin liners or cardboard egg carton

* Shredded paper, sawdust, pine cones, grass, broken sticks 

* Candle wicks 

*Cinnamon Sticks or orange peels 

* Candle wax 



1. Place paper cupcake liners in a cupcake or muffin pan.

2. Place shredded paper, pine cones, sticks, spices, and a wick 

3. In a pouring pot or metal pan melt wax using a double boiling method.

4. Once melted pour into your cupcake liners or egg carton 

5. Allow overnight to dry and wait a week before using. 

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