4 Methods to Extinguishing Your Candle

Candles provide us with light, scent, and a cozy atmosphere and once it is time to extinguish the flame, there are several methods we can choose from. Here are four methods to extinguish your candles. 



  1. Blowing out your candle is an easy and a simple method to put out the flame. This method is the tried and true method, but the downside to this method, it causes smoke and unpleasant smoky odor. 


  1. Putting out a flame with a Candle Snuffer, which is a long handled object with a metal bell shaped end: is used to cover the flame, snuffing it out . You can find candle snuffers online and in some specialty candle shops . Candle Snuffers are perfect for tapered candles and Pillars, and can be used on container candles as well. 


  1. Using the candle jar lid to simply smother the flame is an easy method that helps contain the smoke inside the jar. Just use the container candle lid by placing it on top depleting the flame of oxygen. 


  1. The Dipping method and is where you dip the wick or flame into the melted wax drowning the wick and extinguishing the fire. You can use tweezers or a utensil to do this, but you can find online what is called a Wick Dipper. Once you have dipped the wick into the wax make sure you straighten the wick and trim it for the next time you burn your candle. The great plus for using this method is very little to no smoke is released leaving barely smell. 

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